As a company we thrive on developing imaginative work with others, sharing our playful methods and providing dynamic theatrical training.

We offer a fun and flexible workshop programme tailored to suit a range of ages and abilities, that allows everyone to have a go. We can adapt our programme for your KS3, 4 or 5 curricula.

We also offer workshops in parallel with our shows, which give participants a unique insight into our process & a chance to play with the themes & style of the shows using Scratchworks’ own theatre making techniques.

“An inspirational and well executed workshop that was pitched perfectly at my students … I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Mr D. Salter, West Exe School 

“Really loved working with SFX materials … They provided a wide variety of techniques to help with the devising process and there was a good rapport between us all!”

Mrs S. Wright, Exmouth College

Devising from Scratch

For ages 11+

Using Scratchworks’ very own rehearsal room exercises, we provide participants with a range of theatre-making games and techniques to apply to their own work.  As a physical ensemble, we include exercises which encourage collaborative,  spontaneous and imaginative work. 

We also allow time for students to evaluate each other’s work and provide directorial  suggestions in a supportive environment. This workshop can also be adapted to suit  GCSE, A Level & BTEC courses.


Fights, Plights & Political Delights

For ages 13+

Scratchworks invites you to a fun and physical workshop using current events or  moments in history as stimuli for a story. Whether a conspiracy theory based on a real-life story or a fictionalised feud, we will explore how political events can be an  excellent starting point for making dynamic and thought-provoking theatre. 

Participants will get chance to learn the basics in slapstick comedy & choreograph an original fight sequence.

Foley for Theatre

For ages 14+

Packed with car-load full of random props and found objects, this workshop will  enable our participants to play with live sound effects and tell stories through the  medium of bangs, scrapes, whistles and whirrs.
For more advanced students, we will also include a demonstration and hands on  tutoring with our professional Foley equipment. Learning the qualities of three  different microphones, an electronic EQ and sound desk, our participants will create a live soundscape to influence the action on stage. 


Producing for Beginners

For ages 18+

Scratchworks  presents an interactive discussion led by the Co-Artistic Directors of the company.  

This workshop will provide an experienced insight into the day to day workings of  producing for theatre companies. Providing integral advise for early stage companies,  we will cover;

  • Arts Council Project Grant Funding Application

  • Marketing (Online & Print Marketing)

  • Tour Booking & Planning

  •  Budget Management

Prices vary depending on group size and requirements so please get in touch with us to discus details.

.Contact us for all workshop enquiries