Accolades from our latest shows

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WOMANS (Like Romans, but with a ‘W’)

"Highly imaginative...a genuinely funny & clever show” ★★★★ A Younger Theatre For the full review click here

"Highly entertaining...riotous fun!" ★★★★ Fringe Guru For the full review click here

“This is devised theatre at its best and the whole show is an absolute hoot from beginning to end.” ★★★★ StageTalk Magazine For the full review click here

“This likeable show is performed with zest” Lyn Gardner

“A frenzied feminist fiction told through a whirlwind of tightly choreographed theatrical invention” The Stage


Great Train Robbery

“This is a great show that can be enjoyed by all the family – and you might even learn something on the way.”

★★★★ Broadway Baby           For the full review click here

“Inventive and intelligent physical theatre… Wondrously enjoyable.”

★★★★ Theatre Bubble           For the full review click here

“Just raw talent… a totally captivating show. This was well crafted, full of technique and a tightly choreographed piece of work.”

Beaford Arts           For the full review click here

“Genuinely funny… an engaging performance.”

★★★★ The Peg Review           For the full review click here

“At the end of the show, as the cast took their much-deserved final bows, I realised I had just seen a production with minimal use of props, no scenery and only four cast-members. They painted a picture so clearly and with so little that the show was a marvel to behold. The Great Train Robbery is a must-see.”

Plymouth Herald           For the full review click here

Twitter response:

“Fabulous theatre yesterday with @ScratchworksC fast, funny, musical. Highly recommended!”

“The beautiful women from @ScratchworksC made a show. It was wonderful and a delight. Go and see it! That is all.”

“Great to see @ScratchworksC at #nmtoutpost last night. It fizzed from start to finish!”

“Wow how awesome was #GreatTrainRobbery. Some proper sassy lady actors getting their thievery on!”

“A treat to catch #GreatTrainRobbery. Totally charming, funny and infectious.”



“Charming and inventive.”

★★★★ The Stage            For the full review click here

“It’s not easy to keep a room of people thoroughly entertained for a full hour and a half, but this small company of four young women from Exeter managed it with panache. They are a talented and disciplined group moving seamlessly from music to acting to mime, but what the show demonstrates above all is their fantastic imagination.”

★★★★★ StageTalk Magazine               For the full review click here

“Nel will knock your socks off.”

★★★★★ Inter:Mission Bristol

“The play is a love song to imagination, creating something from nothing with a child-like sense of exploration … All four Scratchworks members show a great sense of comic timing and their performance is tight throughout – telling Nel’s story in a stylised theatre performance not to be missed.”

Plymouth Herald               For the full review click here

“This beautifully executed show is quirky, original and bursting with genuine creative talent; certainly worth seeing and a company to follow further.”

★★★★ Theatre Bath              For the full review click here

“Joyous, sad and surreal. Nel is for anyone who has ever found it hard to make a friend.”

★★★★ The Public Reviews              For the full review click here

“Nel is a beautiful and poignant piece… This is a must-see for anyone who knows anyone who’s shy.”

“It’s eye-opening, or ear-opening, perhaps, like being shown the workings of a magic trick.”

Exeunt             For the full reviews click here and here

“Masterly onstage foley art, songs, music and movement coming together in the hands of such a skilful team makes this charming show more than the sum of its parts.”

The British Theatre Guide             For the full review click here

“The versatility of the performers is both wonderful to watch as they flit from character to character, as well as impressive. The on-stage Foley artistry is a perfect match for a company that love to use theatrical tricks, from puppetry to their quirky and brilliant physicality.”

Exeter Express and Echo             For the full review click here

Twitter response:

“Thank you so much to @ScratchworksC for making me love theatre again. Please go and see their show Nel”

“Nel: Cavalcade of loveliness. Super inventive, uplifting, and friendly to introverts. Much audience happiness supplied by @ScratchworksC

“An incredible & inventive show by the super talented @ScratchworksC Amazing work guys!”

#Nel was totally as engaging as expected, a crafty piece with such energy and skill – very talented company!”

“Loved ‘Nel’! Creative, comedic & touching. Highly recommend! Thank You.”


A Fool’s Proof

“A sharp witty and brilliant piece of theatre… The criticism here is articulate and on-point”

Exeter Express and Echo           For full review click here

“Beautifully played…sophisticated mix of sharp dialogue and powerful movement…a treat for any audience”

★★★★ Remote Goat 

“ A Fool’s Proof is a wonderful blend of acting, live music, coordinated movement and a sprinkle of puppetry – Scratchworks just seems, enviably, to do everything well…Don’t miss it.”

★★★★ Everything Theatre

“Highly entertaining, astutely written and well-crafted.”

Exeunt Magazine